Professional Athletes Speak Up About Medical Marijuana Use

Professional Athletes Speak Up About Medical Marijuana Use

When NFL player Eugene Moore visited The Realm of Caring (RoC) facility in Colorado, he was deeply moved. The non-profit organization, which was founded in 2013, works to improve lives through research, education and advocacy around medicinal cannabis.

Moore was touched by the passion of its founders, two mothers named Heather Jackson and Paige Figi. These moms know how much cannabis can help people. They fought long battles to get their young children the legal right to try CBD oil for their severe seizures. Then they realized the need to create an organization to not only collect research and data on people using CBD, but also to implement education and advocacy surrounding medical marijuana.

After Moore visited their non-profit facility, he became the first active NFL player to openly advocate for medical marijuana. He donated $80,000 to the RoC  to study the efficacy of Cannabinoid products on CTE, or brain trauma. This research will potentially benefit athletes and anyone suffering from neurodegenerative conditions.

After Moore visited the RoC, and met families affected by brain injuries, seizures and autism, he said: “I’ve seen a lot, but this moved me. It’s one of the toughest visits I’ve had. I understand this even more now that I have a son with autism. When you see a room full of disability, after disability, after disability…..I removed politics and business and saw this plant, that grows naturally, that’s giving these kids and their families their lives back.”

Many other professional athletes are coming forward to learn about the current research of medical cannabis and its treatment of chronic pain and other ailments.

Jake Plummer, former NFL Quarterback, has become the face of the RoC, too. He’d seen  “When the Bright Lights Fade”, a public service announcement and fundraiser for research. This research examines CBD therapies on former and current NFL players, in conjunction with John Hopkins University. Plummer realized he could get relief from many of his pains from CBD products and came together with Nate Jackson, Tatum Bell, Reuben Droughns and Charlie Adams to make a video highlighting the mental and physical issues that athletes face when they leave the sport. Plummer noted, “ The benefits of this product are a true game changer. I have experienced it first hand.”

Another group of NHL athletes visited the RoC, including Scott Parker, Daniel Carcillo and Riley Cote. Riley Cote spoke of how cannabis helped him survive the pain he felt from direct contact, as well as helping with the anger management he dealt with in the sport of hockey. After retiring in 2010,  he founded a non-profit organization called Hemp Heals, which promotes a holistic approach to health and the many positive aspects of the hemp plant. Cote also founded an organization along with 6 other pro-athletes called The website mission says, “We are uniting in one voice to advocate for research, education and  compassion when addressing important health issues facing athletes and the public.”

The many athletes that have visited the RoC have done so to learn about the research, assist with fundraising efforts and give back. RoC, who is at the forefront of cannabis science works hand in hand with these special people and believes they can find solutions together. Eugene Monroe expresses it like this, “CBD treatment could greatly improve and even save lives of football players. This is a cause I’m incredibly passionate about.”

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, the number of professional athletes speaking publicly about their use is expected to rise.