LA sheriff fakes sting operation, steals millions from cannabis grow

LA sheriff fakes sting operation, steals millions from cannabis grow

On October 29, a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy, along with two other men dressed in sheriff uniforms, committed an armed robbery of a legal cannabis distribution warehouse, according to the LA Times.

The three men came up to the location near downtown LA in a moving truck. They showed the guards fake paperwork, that looked like a search warrant. They then threw the guards in the back of their police SUV. They stole over a million dollars of legal marijuana and cash.

At the time of the robbery, Antrim was not on duty, according to the criminal complaint filed in the case. He was not assigned to a narcotics unit. He had no reason to search a marijuana distribution warehouse in the city of Los Angeles. He was just robbing them.

Mid-robbery, someone tipped off the LA police department. On-duty officers showed up on the scene. They found the men in uniforms that looked like their own, committing the robbery. Antrim’s cohorts fled the scene. Antrim approached the officers and “called his supervisor,” he explained. Somehow, he convinced the on-duty police officers that this was an authorized sting operation. The on-duty police even left the scene.

It was left to the cannabis growers, to explain again that they’d been robbed.

Their lawyers submitted security footage to authorities who then matched up footage with the second wave of officers body camera footage. This was enough evidence to get a search warrant. In the ensuing investigation, officers searched the home of Deputy Marc Antrim and the other suspects. They uncovered weapons, ammunition, and over $350,000 in bundled cash.The three men are being held in custody. They are facing conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

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