Love weed and wine? Check out this YouTube channel

Love weed and wine? Check out this YouTube channel

Andrew was inspired by a documentary titled “SOMM.” In the first scene, people taste wine “blind,” while learning about origins of the wine. Andrew immediately realized this same idea would be perfect for cannabis tastings. He booked his first wine course. Days later, he was learning about Pinots and Bordeaux. Soon after the course ended, he became an apprentice at Moraine Estate Winery. He was learning about grapes, but thinking about cannabis all the time. He honed his palate, and passed the rigorous test required of all working sommeliers, earning his sommelier accreditation.With his wine education under his belt, Andrew started taking notes on what flavors paired well together: which strains, with which wines. Contrasting flavors, he realized, created the most dynamic tasting experience.

Goals With Legalization

Andrew lives in Canada, where, thanks to recent legalization, cannabis has become even more accessible. Andrew’s YouTube channel and events offer consumers the opportunity to learn about the infinite pairings between cannabis and wine. This could help introduce cannabis to people who previously considered themselves just wine people.

Favorite Pairings

Andrew helped create a 2016 Moraine Estate Riesling that pairs exceptionally well with a citrus skunk strain. With this pairing, the wine flavor becomes a sweet mandarin orange, he says.

Not a wine person?

IPAs pair well with OG Kush genetics. Hops, the plant that leads to an IPA’s signature “hoppy” flavor, contains terpenes, just like cannabis. (Hops and cannabis are botanically related.) In hops, a terpene called Humulene creates a flavor that compliments the Kush flavor profile.

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