Massachusetts Dispensaries’ Social Media Accounts Get Deleted, Adding to Parking Problems

Massachusetts Dispensaries’ Social Media Accounts Get Deleted, Adding to Parking Problems

Cannabis businesses in Massachusetts are already experiencing the strict posting guidelines enforced by Instagram and Facebook, according to the Marijuana Business Daily. Dispensaries including Cultivate, NETA, CommaCan, Curaleaf, Patriot Care, and Sira Naturals have all seen their social media accounts shut down, the Worcester Business Journal reports.

The first recreational cannabis retailers to open in Massachusetts on November 20 are Cultivate and New England Treatment Access (NETA). These were the first recreational stores to open East of Colorado, and people traveled from all over the region. Lines wound around the block; traffic jams escalated.

Most businesses would communicate parking and safety updates via social media. But these businesses’ accounts had been shut down.

Some businesses have already launched new accounts. Some have begun the appeals process, hoping to get their business accounts reactivated. It is unclear whether the social media giants will relent.

Because cannabis remains federally illegal, Facebook and Instagram have strict guidelines prohibiting cannabis-related content.

If you’re going to advertise or advocate for cannabis on social media, it’s highly likely your account will be shut down.

What does this mean for content creators and brands?

Since we’ve suffered the loss of Facebook and Instagram accounts too, we’ve gathered some advice.

Leverage influencers who have authentic followings. Influencers don’t have to be an individual. Other examples include brand partnerships, content collaborations, and social media influencer promotions.

Most of all, try to create content that provides real value for your audience, while trying to steer clear of Facebook and Instagram’s anti-cannabis guidelines. Good luck!