Someone paid $11,000 for this “Cannagar” (cannabis cigar). Because Las Vegas.

Someone paid $11,000 for this “Cannagar” (cannabis cigar). Because Las Vegas.

At the end of 2018, the Paiute tribe broke a cannabis record. They sold the world’s most expensive pot product to date.

Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace is located on tribal lands outside Las Vegas, Nevada. This marijuana retailer sells handcrafted cannabis cigars from Leira Cannagars. Leira is the creator of numerous specialty cannabis cigar products. Like this 24-gram marijuana blunt, coated in hemp and 24-karat gold leaf.

On the morning of the purchase, a nightlife entrepreneur named Brandon Hawkins flew from Los Angeles, CA, to Las Vegas, to make the purchase for an anonymous business partner. The anonymous buyer wanted the gold-encrusted blunt to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Hawkins explained.

The buyers were inspired by a $10,000 cannagar, sold in Seattle in June, the L.A. Cannabis News reports. They wanted something similar — but a bit more expensive. So Hawkins had contacted a cannabis entrepreneur in Las Vegas. (The two had met before, though associates in the Vegas nightlife scene.)


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Leira also plans to release smaller, more affordable cannagars at The Apothecarium, ShowGrow, The Grove and Nevada Made dispensaries, According to the Las Vegas Sun.

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