Seattle-based “Have a Heart” brand expands to OR, CA

Seattle-based “Have a Heart” brand expands to OR, CA

The cannabis company Have A Heart has been rapidly expanding. They’ve opened new retail stores in several states. They have five Washington locations, along with 12 other operations located in California, Ohio, Oregon, Hawaii, and Iowa. Have A Heart also became the first Washington recreational cannabis store to join the Commercial Workers International Union.

We’ve visited a few of their locations. Customer service has always been exceptional. Their stores carry a wide array of brands, including Cookies, Exotikz, TKO Reserve, and Leira Cannagars. They’re attentive to the needs of their customers. Their recent growth comes as no surprise.

Have A Heart Has Expanded To California And Oregon

Photo Credit: Have A Heart

California and Oregon Expansion

Have a Heart recently opened stores in Oregon and California. (Both states have legalized recreational cannabis for adults over 21.) Earlier this year, they opened a store in Salem, Oregon (about an hour south of Portland). Each of their stores is specifically designed to fit the local customer. Have A Heart does their best to blend into each neighborhood where they set up shop. They feature a range of Oregon’s most trusted brands, ensuring that they can meet any price point.

Have A Heart also opened a store in Coalinga, California. They intend to open two in Oakland. And another in Blythe. And in West Hollywood, they’re opening a consumption lounge.

Because California allows for cannabis delivery, each of the state’s Have A Heart locations will offer delivery to their customers. This service can be enormously helpful for anyone who can’t drive, like medical patients with restricted mobility.


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