Real Wellness
Real Wellness

Real Wellness (RW) is a carefully curated line of cannabidiol (CBD) and herbal-infused products developed for sophisticated, health-conscious consumers who share our passion for connecting to our bodies’ innate intelligence and self-healing process. Often in a dormant state, our inner physician stands ready to come alive with the natural, nourishing energy provided by our skillfully-crafted herbal combinations. Real Wellness was co-founded in 2018 by Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL star Ricky Williams and his wife Linnea Miron. Throughout his career as a professional athlete, Ricky was often criticized for his belief in the healing power of cannabis. With the rapid re-emergence of plant-based medicine into mainstream culture, Ricky is now seen as a leading visionary in the movement toward a natural, herbal-based approach to wellness. For the past 15 years, Ricky has immersed himself in the study of Ayurvedic, Western and Chinese herbalism, and is currently completing his doctorate of Chinese medicine at Emperors College.

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