Enhanced CBD Spray - 300 mg / Mint

Enhanced CBD.Our Enhanced sprays have been improved by utilizing liposomes.Liposomes work with the digestive system to allow the active ingredient (in this case CBD) to pass through with minimal breakdown. Studies have shown that a liposome can increase the active ingredient absorption by as much as 500%.Enhanced SprayStandard Oil300 mgCompare To1500 mg600 mgCompare To3000 mg1000 mgCompare To5000 mg3000 mgCompare To15000 mg6000 mgCompare To30000 mg Certified Organic, Certified Quality.We partnered with Colorado State University to develop a strand of seed with the highest concentration of CBD in the country. All of our CBD is sourced from our US organic farms, guaranteeing a consistent product.Every finished batch goes through a final test ensuring our CBD concentration listed. All finished batches of CBD are documented with those results.Truly THC Free.Don't settle for anything above 0% THC.Quality ingredients. Organic Non-GMO CBD Extract, Fractionated (MCT) Coconut Oil, Natural Fruit FlavoringGreen Infused can guarantee the best quality product because we own our farms, we own the processing facilities, we third party test our products and we do our own distribution.Easy spray top60ml BottleContains 360 spraysFree FedEx Shipping