If you're old school and love to roll your own cigarettes, then prepare to fall in love. Our Slim Sticks are designed to give you the smoking experience you never thought possible. Use one of the included filters and roll away. Our filters are tailored to create a perfect 45 degree cone. Once you're done, simply connect the end of the cone with the filter to the end of the pipe and...voila! You are now refining, filtering and cooling your smoke.

Did I forget to mention; no more roaches?! Smoke it all the way down with no worries. This is smoking for the 21st century.


  • Made from 100% anodized aluminum and chrome
  • Precision crafted with a unique maze filtration system
  • Includes two filters that connect to end of pipe
  • Engineered to stay cool using a 17.5cm maze-like path
  • Compact to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Anodized so it resists corrosion and wear
  • Fits perfectly in all Icky boxes


  • Length of 4" and a max diameter of .5"
  • Weighs 3oz