Blue Label 3g CBD Hemp Oil (510mg CBD)

A serving of Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) Blue Label incorporated into your morning routine will give you what you need to power through your day, straight-from-nature. Our full-spectrum RSHO™ Blue Label CBD hemp oil contains 510mg of CBD and is naturally abundant in in terpenes, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, and additional natural cannabinoid compounds. It's the finest and most consistent 100% natural CBD hemp oil and you'll recognize its high quality the moment you squeeze the rich and refined oil onto your fingers.

What makes the RSHO™ Blue Label variety of CBD hemp oil unique is that the oil is decarboxylated. This heating process causes the Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDa) to convert into CBD, allows the CBD hemp oil to contain the same raw material as our RSHO™ Green Label but attain its maximum CBD content.

Each 3g tube of RSHO™ Blue Label is carefully packaged in a safety-sealed oral applicator. On the side of the applicators are measurement markers, designed for easy and precise serving. It's important to store your CBD hemp oil in the refrigerator after it's been opened. Doing so keeps the oil fresh and prevents it from spoiling. It's also more comfortable to handle and measure precisely when refrigerated.

Medical Marijuana Inc. sources its powerful, all-natural hemp for its RSHO™ products from amazing farming community in Austria, whose cultivation practices are centuries old. Without using any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, the families of farmers grow and harvest our unique cultivars of hemp that are naturally high in CBD. After harvesting, the hemp undergoes a solvent-free CO2 extraction process. It is tested for both purity and safety by the most respected cannabis laboratories in the United States. With our exhaustive attention to quality and safety, we're convinced that our RSHO™ Blue Label will quickly become your favorite CBD hemp oil nutritional supplement!

  • 3g CBD Hemp Oil; Non-GMO
  • 510mg of CBD, No Psychoactive Properties
  • Non-GMO, All-Natural, Vegan
  • Oral Applicator for Easy Measuring
  • Cannabinoid Content and Safety Testing by ISO-Certified Laboratories

Certificate of Analysis (HM-RSHO-Blue-Label-3g-Oral-Applicator-1838-01.pdf, 615 Kb) [Download]