PRESS RELEASE: Researcher receives $3.9 million to study how cannabis can help with pain
March 19, 2020
PRESS RELEASE: Families First Coronavirus Response Act Takes Emergency Measures
March 21, 2020
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With all the craziness surrounding the current pandemic, let’s lighten the mood with some interesting facts about the relationship between Corona and Cannabis:

1. Ironically, in August of 2018, the mother ship of Corona Beer (Constellation Brands) invested $4 billion into Canopy Growth to participate in the marijuana boom. Unfortunately, the stock price at that time was about $47 per share. This week, its trading around $10. Karma? Hmmm….
2. The puff and pass of the joint or blunt has come to a screeching halt with the spread of the Coronavirus. Suddenly, the most social thing about the community has become a danger when it has always been among the greatest pleasures of the plant. But passing around a joint is a good way to spread any virus, including COVID-19. For now, stick to your own supply and offer a friendly elbow bump.
3. While the public marijuana stocks have taken a beating recently, and even more so with our current crisis, local suppliers and delivery companies are seeing sales skyrocket as customers seek anxiety and stress relief, along with wanting to load up on personal inventory before any closures are put into effect.
4. Social media, while a huge source of one’s daily information flow, can also spread fake news. Recently, there was an article floating around that stated cannabis can cure the Coronavirus and too many people believed it. While this information is false, there are properties of the plant that can help with certain flu symptoms. You can see more on that here –
5. Speaking of social media, and since everyone is stuck in their homes, social media engagement is through the roof. Marijuana themed Instagram meme pages have seen a huge uptick in total impressions with the top pages like @hitsblunt and @weedhumor crushing the competition with hilarious memes to provide a bit of an escape from the daily stress.