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“This industry is better served with passion, the money will follow.” Calan Ma’lyn, GreenThumb Education

Calan Ma’lyn is a Cannabis Wellness/Self-Care Practitioner and Creator of GreenThumb Education, an e-learning platform hosting beginner wellness classes

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“Having (cannabis) educated individuals around you will be critical to your success.” – Gabriel Suarez, Natural Life

Gabriel Suarez is a remarkable professional and a tenacious entrepreneur. The founder and president of the Natural Life Corporation,

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“Never think you are a know it all and always be open to learning more.” – Heather Marianna, Beauty Kitchen

Heather Marianna sky rocked in popularity with the launch of her Beauty Kitchen YouTube series in 2012 where she showcased simple, do-it-yourself

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“If I could speak to my Senators, I would tell them to educate themselves on the incredible healing power of cannabis. ” – Mary Ersig, Ocean Cannabis Company

Mary Ersig, founder of Ocean Cannabis Company, can best be described as a serial entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist.  Born and