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“Network, network, network. Meet with as many people as you can as often as you can and grow your network.” – Mel Faxon, b.products

Mel Faxon is the Co-founder of b. products, a sleep-wellness company in London. She is passionate about promoting education

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“Your friends and family will support you. Don’t be afraid to come out of the “cannabis closet”!” – Melissa Parker, Reed’s Remedies

Melissa Parker is a Los Angeles-based mother of three and the Founder of Reed’s Remedies. Nature has always been

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“Give information away for free, and people will pay for your product/service.” – Lolita Korneagay, Cansoom

In 2017, Lolita Korneagay, RN founded Cansoom and developed the most comprehensive, in-person Medical Cannabis Consultant training program for

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“We are at the beginning of a revolution and the pioneers of the industry could be around for years!” Crystal Young and Tommy Green, Greenly Organic

"We are at the beginning of a revolution and the pioneers of the industry could be around for years!" Crystal

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CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need To Know

Vets are being asked more and more by clients about cannabidiol (CBD) oil and whether it may help their

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The Relationship Between Singing And Cannabis

Singing and cannabis have one undeniable thing in common; they both have the ability to make you feel fantastic!

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“The rules and players in this industry change every day.” – Glen and David Boggini, Harbor Hemp Company

Attributed to Glen Boggini and David Boggini – Founders of Harbor Hemp Company. Can you share with us the

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“Cannabis Is A Way Of Life” – Garin Heslop, Founder of MedCare Farms

MedCare Farms is veteran owned and was established in 2009, founded by a husband and wife duo after experiencing

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“CBD holds so much potential for patients. Seeing the benefits come to fruition are inspirational.” Len May, Endocanna Health

Len May, MMC, EFS, is a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry, with more than 25 years researching cannabinoids